About The Startup Network (Nepal)

The Startup Network (Nepal) is a community platform to bring startups across to learn, network, and do business. By providing a platform for startups to connect, learn, and network, The Startup Network enables entrepreneurs to tap into a wealth of resources, insights, and potential partnerships. This collaborative environment can be incredibly valuable for startups looking to grow their businesses, access funding, and navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

What We do

Through our startup catalyst program and annual flagship event, Nepal Startup Summit Policy Makers, Investors, and Startups are invited to collaborate. The involvement of investors and policymakers in the Startup Summit demonstrates a commitment to supporting the startup ecosystem. Investors attending the event can discover promising ventures and explore investment opportunities, while policymakers can gain insights into the needs and challenges of startups, potentially leading to favorable policies and regulations. We thrive to contribute to the development of a thriving startup ecosystem in Nepal, fostering innovation and economic Growth.


The Startup Network envisions creating a robust community of startups by fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and support among entrepreneurs. Our goal is to build a platform that serves as a hub for startup founders, investors, mentors, and other ecosystem stakeholders, facilitating connections and providing resources to help startups thrive.

Management Team

(Co- Founder)
(Co - Founder)

Board of Advisors

BFSI Expert and Former CGM-SBI
Nadal Coordinator (India-Nepal Center)-PHDCCI
Founder- Oorja World
Head of Tourism Practice -Dolma Consultancy
Executive Director-Nebico
CEO-PayTM Money
Managing Director - Made in Nepal
Managing Director -Dolma Consultancy
Co-Founder-Oorja World

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